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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oil and Gas Data Management

Effective oil and gas data management facilitates desktop access to numerous up-to-date databases, including those related to surface and subsurface land, wells, pressure, production, pipelines, core, reserves, seismic and logs. The capturing, storing and accessing of valuable data regarding oil and gas is made easy by oil and gas data management tools. In the competitive and challenging field of oil and gas market, rigorous data management and analysis tools are very essential.

Oil and gas data management tools are designed for use by geologists, engineers, geophysicists, technologists, land personnel, managers, accounting staff, financial investors and other oil and gas professionals. One of the key requirements for oil and gas data management is to have a well defined management strategy. The management techniques involve storing data, information and knowledge such as prospect evaluations, reservoir and earth studies etc. The required data can at any time be accessed by a user by typing in a key word or phrase. Storing data and accessing it has become much easier, compared to the earlier printed format.

Oil and gas companies employ modern sophisticated tools to optimize data management ? project consulting is one of the tools. These companies seek the help of outsourced firms for project management and also in optimizing organizational effectiveness, drilling, reservoir productivity, geophysical and geological technologies, and information technology. Prominent companies rely heavily on service companies and other vendors to develop and maintain advanced technologies for easy managing of data.

Service companies in this regard gives a variety of products and services that make management easy and consolidate storage resources on the network for a better, more cost-effective data management. These service providers give server, storage, tape, and required software and support services. The software has maximum scalability, performance, and throughput for data-intensive applications. Since you now use fewer hardware and software, lesser number of administrators is needed. This reduces the costs involved, at the same time increasing efficiency.

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