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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Data Management

We live in a modern world where all kinds of work and strategic operations depend on the amount of knowledge that can be manipulated, molded, shaped and reshaped in order to get the best of results in any field of activity. But the whole amount of information and knowledge, or data, has to be managed and processed in accordance with the type of result intended in the specific field. Therefore, the necessity of data management has become an important concept in different work arenas. These work arenas include management, research, technical applications, technology, corporate activities, and print media.

Nonetheless, data management has evolved as a discursive field of activity that has become an inevitable development and execution of various policies and information in various fields. To give a definition: data resource management, or simply data management, is the development as well as execution of various policies, practices, and procedures to help an individual or a firm to manage the complete data lifecycle. This definition is extensive and takes into account a number of professions that may or may not have direct or strategic contact with low-level aspects of data management or data resource management, or even data processing, like that of relational database management.

Data management as a discipline that encompasses the various processes of the authentication, substantiation, coordination, rationale, integration, incorporation, and has power over of data rations. It is also made sense in the manner that through data management planning for the proper, suitable and economical attainment of data as well as the management of data assets through a number of formulae and strategies after they are received. There are a number of topics falling in the data management are as follows: a.) data modeling b.) database administration, data warehousing, data movement, data mining, data quality assurance, data security, meta-data management, and c.) strategic data architecture. Software technology in the contemporary world has revolutionized the very nature of data management services.

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